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Let's Build: Ventrue Stickmen

The Let's Build  series was inspired by this blog post  that gives advice on how to build a workable unnamed deck using only cards printed by Black Chantry Productions.  The goal of this series is to build solid decks using only cards from the BCP card pool.

A New Vampire: The Eternal Struggle Resource

Welcome! There are plenty of resources listed at , however we feel it's important to add another one...this one. As a distributor and retailer for Vampire: The Eternal Struggle , KGS Cards is frequently asked for advice on how to get started, what sets work well together, and many other topics.  Over the course of the coming months, we hope to create entries to help onboard newcomers and returning players, to give deck-building advice for BCP card pools, and perhaps wax philosophical about the game from time to time.