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Week of Nightmares 2022 Recap

Another Week of Nightmares has come and gone.  As usual it was a blast to spend the week with good friends.  The attendance was higher this year, which is a good sign.  This is a recap of my experiences this year.  A little less detailed than last time, but hopefully you enjoy the review. Day 1: Week of Nightmares Event 1 As is tradition, the first event takes place outside of Columbus at Comic Shop Plus.  This is the venue that I normally travel to when playing in tournaments.  So, I am quite familiar with everyone.  The meta here has been greatly impacted by the V5A sets.  I had been holding off playing anything from them because I hate contesting.  However, I decided it was time to unveil my Banu Haqim breed-and-bleed deck. It was a nice mix of combat and survivability for the meta.  Being able to hit or bleed for a lot with Embraces changes the dynamics of the table.  In the final, my Embrace played and broke a Weighted Walking Stick in my first combat, sending a clear message.  Ev