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Crypt Construction: Putting It All Together

This is a capstone of our series on crypt construction.  We'll talk about how these ideas work together and we'll discuss a few tournament-winning deck examples. Crypt Construction Blog Entries In  Understanding Basic Crypt Construction , we cover simple crypt types,  This is the basic foundation for understanding how to build crypts.   Advanced Crypt Construction (and Math!)  delves into decks that have star vampires.  We discuss why keeping the crypt size small is more beneficial and why most crypts should use 12 or 13 vampires. Even knowing the best ways to build crypts is no guarantee of success.  We cover ways to use crypt cards to help us get to the vampires we want in  Crypt Construction: Improving the Draw .  We also discuss our library options in  Crypt Construction: Help from the Library . We also had a quick update about having a plan B in  Crypt Construction: Accidents Happen . Putting This All Together We'll go over some of

Week of Nightmares 2021: Recap

I had originally intended to capture each day of play, but that didn't work out so well.  Week of Nightmares is just exhausting.  Not only are there tons of Vampire: The Eternal Struggle events, there are games played back at the AirBnB too.  For long-time VTES players, I will say that the Cylons did really well this week and I'll recap those events as well. I decided to drop my previous updates in favor of this more encompassing one. Day Zero There were a few of us in the same AirBnB.  We started the week cooking up some dishes that would last and help maintain our stamina.  We also had our first game of BSG.  We played a legacy format, in which any revealed Cylon or executed human is unavailable for the rest of the week.  Later in the week, we began selecting random by character type, which added more fun, as we saw less frequently used characters more often. Day One I decided to start the week, an Anson MMPA lock-and-bleed deck.  I've only played this deck a few times.