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Getting into Vampire: The Eternal Struggle FAQ

We get a lot of questions from players and retailers about Vampire: The Eternal Struggle.  We've tried to capture some of them here and provide answers as best we can.  We'll update this periodically as new questions surface.

What set(s) should I start with?

This is perhaps the most common question that we get.  It's important to know how you're coming to the game.

Are you a returning player or played with a friend's deck? In that case, you've got some experience with the game and a group to play with.  Any of the Sabbat starters (Den of Fiends, Libertine Ball, Pact with Nephandi, and Parliament of Shadows) make a solid baseline for competitive decks.  Determine which deck you're interested in and grab one ($22).  Getting a second copy of the same starter deck is really good for customizing the deck to suit your play style.

Do you love the World of Darkness, but aren't too sure about card games? The First Blood demo deck are a great and inexpensive way to try out Vampire: The Eternal Struggle and decide if the game is for you.  At $9 each, you'll need at least two (one for you and a friend).  The game, however, is designed and balanced around multiplayer gaming, so duels with First Blood decks will only give you a mechanical understanding of the game.  Getting all five First Blood decks ($45) will give you the most variability when testing out the game.  You'll be able to see how various concepts work and determine which ones appeal to you.

Did you get a demo from your LGS and want to dive in? New players that want a good card pool that can build interesting decks (and a variety of them) can find it by bringing the Camarilla-based releases together.  Two copies of each First Blood start, one copy of each Keepers of Tradition bundle, and the upcoming Fifth Edition boxed-set ($233 all in) will give you a broad card pool of vampires and disciplines that work together.  This is an excellent base to start a VtES collection with.

How do I find a playgroup?

The Vampire: Elder Kindred Network (VEKN) is the official players organization.  You can find local organizers via the Prince list.  If you don't see a local Prince in your area, you can always post on the forum or use Facebook to connect with other players.  For the US audience, I highly recommend VTES in North America.  It is a closed Facebook group, so you will need to be added to post.

You can also send an email to, and we try to get you sorted.

How do I to get answers to rules questions?

Codex of the Damned has a very nice, searchable (which is why it is recommendation number one) database of card rulings.  It is updated frequently as new rulings are made.  If you cannot find your answer there, you can ask in Rules Questions in the VEKN forum.

For other questions:

You can try the VEKN forum, Facebook, or feel free to reach out to us via email.


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